Use of resources contributing countries to the IMF. After the completion of the Bretton Woods agreement led to the creation of an international financial system happened on the first three scenarios as to reduce the risk system ‘in crisis, IMF’s unconditional immediately against the creation of reserves for the effects of economic collapse and the onset idea credit lines to prevent instabilities last financial situation as relevant. Despite the evolution of the global financial system has made it to the point of perfection as it ever so unexpected are market failures that lead to increased interest rates, inflation, unstable economies, implementation of policies control the flow of money supply to balance the forces of supply and demand. Whenever there are new participants in financial markets according to the enforceability of the same by increasing global populations, more companies, bad decisions of international lending agencies, government own influences, structural adjustments in the economies of scale, the volatility of international finance and investment influenced by the devaluation of exchange rates, low levels of production in underdeveloped countries, improving product quality, reduction of expensive for consumers due to liberalization international trade, new sales strategies using electronic commerce, international financial secularization, these factors are the result of financial globalization.

5.A Evidence and cause of the internationalization of capital. Globally there is a prevailing characteristic that links international relations with the behavior of the advance of globalization, to identify what financial flows in each country, outstanding is the acceleration in the process of internationalization of capital, which becomes strong evidence of evolution in the process globalization.a Globalization must not only relate to the growth of international movements goods, capital and people, trachea and includes a higher level of integration of the global economy, there is an effect on all the various individual capitals and national level, as something palpate growth of globalization is the establishment and growth of international relations, what has occurred as consequence is the multiplier effect in the linkages of economies distinctness which leads to a higher dimension in the integration of the economy sundial.a To understand the passage of global capital that is related to behavior that has occurred in macroeconomic variables related to internal level of activity..

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