European Union Position

Conflict Tunisia-Turk on the presidency places Morocco in a constrangedora situation after the ascension of the islamistas After the resignation of Yussif EL Amarani, of the group of the Union for the Mediterranean to join the government of Benkirane Abdelilah, as It gives person in charge of the Management of the exterior Subjects, such mandate of Morocco is foreseen finishes in this end it month for the group The Euro-Mediterranean and regions known for Erlam. Morocco expressed the privilege to preside over this group to the elect being as President of its region, Taza Al Hoceima. Taounate Mohammed Boudra is President of this group. But Morocco must lose this in agreement position domestic law its structure, funcinando in parallel with the European Union for the Mediterranean, this of to a each country only mandate without dirieto to renew it. Morocco seem that it goes to meet in a desconfortvel situation, since many publications indicate the periodical mainly ‘ ‘ Al Massa’ ‘ underlining in one moment where the Moroccan authorities, representadadas for the Minister of the Interior and Minister of the Foreign affairses, thought about supporting the candidate of Tunisia to assume the Presidency of the Group, seemed a new given the asceno of the Islamic Government, where Saad Eddin Al Otmani assumed the Minister of the Foreign affairses. Therefore Morocco if find in a difficult situation because Turkey in turn is prepared to present its candidate for the position of President of this Group, seeming of what the Party Justice and Moroccan Development keeps forts s bows with the party in the power in Turkey what it becomes the complicated situation still more.

The same sources of information Al Mass had said that Morocco search the position of the Secretariat of the Euro-Mediterranean Group through all the ways, looking for to guarantee its position of leadership in this Group, as well as cutting to the way face to the representatives of Algeria, who in turn inside look an advanced position of the structure of Group. These same sources had added that Morocco must study as to arrive the position of Vice-president of the Mediterranean Group euro- considered as a form to defend its diplomacy capable to project human Morocco in democracy substance and rights, especially Morocco sheltered recently two organized meetings dodito Group in Agadir and Rabat, respectively, in the presence of high responsible and thin of the countries of the euro-Mediterranean. In the same direction, Pari expects to shelter the Italian city in the end of this month, a meeting to choose the President of the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership. This meeting counts on the presence of responsible ministers and representatives of more than forty signatory countries. Emfim what if he waits of this position whose candidate of the elect country can defend its strategy and a program of the group, with everything deals to defend a strategical position, guided with a series of advantages and interests in socioeconmicos terms and politicians. Meanwhile it continues the negotiations and the contacts between the countries candidates for a new mandate.

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