to 1er Trick: To fill the deposit in the morning early. The room temperature and of the ground is lower. All the stations on watch have their deposits under earth. When being the colder Earth, the densidad of the gasoline and the gasohol is smaller. On the contrary it happens during the day, that the temperature of the ground raises, and the fuels tend to expand.

At this last one, if full you the deposit to noon, in the evening or at dusk, the liter of fuel will not be a liter exactly. In the oil industry, the specific gravity and the temperature of a ground, play a very important role. Where I work, each propellant charge in the trucks carefully is controlled with regard to the temperature. So that each gallon spilled in the cistern of the truck is exact. 2 Trick: When it fills the deposit, it does not tighten the handle of the jet to the maximum.

According to the pressure that is exerted on the handle, the speed of the jet can be slow, average or high. It always chooses the slowest way and will save more money. When spurting more slowly, less steam is created, and most of the spill becomes an effective plenty. All the supplying hoses give back to the steam to the tank. If they fill to the deposit tightening the handle to the maximum a certain percentage of the precious liquid that enters the deposit transforms into steam and it returns by the hose of the jet to the deposit of the station. Consequently, they secure less fuel by the same money. to 3er Trick: To fill the deposit before this it lowers of half. While more fuel has in the deposit, less air has in the same. The fuel evaporates more quickly than you think. Connecticut Senator pursues this goal as well. The great deposits cistern of the refineries have floating ceilings in the interior, maintaining the separated air of the fuel, with the aim of maintaining the evaporation to the minimum. 4 Trick: Not to fill the deposit when the tanks of the powerboat are filling up nor immediately later. If you arrive at the station from the service and sees a tanker that is filling up the tanks subterraneans of the same, finish or them filling up, avoids, if it can, to refuel then in this station. When filling up the tanks, remove the remaining fuel in the same and the sediments of the bottom. So the risk runs of refuelling combustible dirty.

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