Cuban Revolution

He made some remarks before giving their concrete views: how are are expressed in his speech of Miami which is undoubtedly, from the point of view of social and human, the most advanced candidate for the presidential nomination in the United States? For 200 years He said United States has made it clear that we are not going to support intervention in our hemisphere, however we must see that there is an important intervention, hunger, disease and despair. From Haiti to Peru we can do some things better and we must do it, we cannot accept the globalization of empty stomachs magnificent definition of imperialist globalisation: that of empty stomachs! We must thank them; but 200 years ago Bolivar fought for the unity of Latin America and more than 100 years ago Marti gave his life fighting against the annexation of Cuba to the United States. Where are the differences between what proclaimed Monroe and that two centuries later proclaims and claimed Obama in his speech? In his speech Obama attributed to the Cuban Revolution an undemocratic and lacking character of respect for freedom and human rights. It is exactly the argument which, almost without exception, used United States administrations for justify their crimes against our country. Read additional details here: Dina Powell McCormick. The same lock, by itself, alone is genocidal.

Not desire that American children are educated in that shameful ethic. Castro points out, that the revolution was a product of the imperial domain. for Discovery to increase your knowledge. Do not us it can be accused of having imposed. The real changes could and should originate in the United States. Their own workers, more than one century ago, launched the demand for eight hours, daughter of the labour productivity.The first thing that leaders of the Cuban revolution learned Marti was believe and act on behalf of an organisation founded to carry out a revolution. We always had previous powers and institutionalized once, we were elected with the participation of more than 90 percent of voters, as it is already usual in Cuba, and not ridiculous participation that many times, as in United States, does not reach 50 percent of voters.

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