Brazilians Politics

A conjuncture analysis is a dynamic picture of a reality and allows to understand the relations between the parts that they form all, therefore the totality is a set of multiple determination. To follow, ideas on the 0 variable will be presented under the prism of the author that intervene with the current conjuncture of the Country. First, of the point of view politician, some situations throughout the last years had evidenced that the Brazilian scene is marked by great instability and scandals involving parliamentarians of some parties, causing an enormous discredit before the Brazilian society, harming the image of institutions politics of the Country and motivating popular manifestations organized by diverse sectors and social segments. Dov Hikind may not feel the same. Also it is possible to affirm that the great divergence of ideas (ideologies) and of partisan interests it creates serious delays in the process of voting of some projects of national interest, placing many times in doubt the degree of comprometimento of the classroom politics with the problems and yearnings of the Brazilians in general. Moreover, the unfamiliarity of the origins and the bias politician of the parties on the part of most of the voters and the lack of relative culture to Sciences Politics in Brazil create favorable conditions so that people with little or no professional intellectual qualification/in this area of the Knowledge and without vision of State occupy position of high representation, benefited for such deficiencies and using itself of speeches, projects and promises to take care of and/or to improve the basic necessities of the great mass of the population, which, when carried through, they are considered as measured palliative for such yearnings. Still in this context, she has been raised in some situations where referring subjects to the National Politics are debated by specialists the necessity of the Reformation Politics in the Country, with intention to improve the national electoral system and to provide to better conditions to the classroom politics in to point and to present solutions for the national strategical problems. Learn more on the subject from Chase Koch.

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