BookBiz Master Site

By default, the system has the most optimal configuration and appearance, because you hardly have to change anything. However, any letter, any inscription, any page, text – all you can Easy to change directly from the Control Panel BookBiz Master 2.0. Moreover, the letter can be used both from the regular text and the text with formatting, colors (HTML-format) with built-in editor. Also, the system is open source, that is You can even change and, although in most cases it is not necessary. 12. You can view detailed statistics.

You will be able to view statistics on sales, issued invoices, conversion, payment methods, etc. All this is also accompanied by beautiful graphics. Sen. Sherrod Brown: the source for more info. 13. You can also send a single message to their partners or customers. This is important.

Many stores such functions do not have (or it is very heavy server), and often to seek out third-party software just to notify their users. Using BookBiz Master, you no longer have such a problem does not come across. 14. You have the ability to place the system on several sites. In most cases will be enough to place the system once on the same site. But I do not put restrictions on the binding to a particular site, so if necessary you are allowed to place it on several sites, the only – these sites should be your (ie the right to resell or redistribute BookBiz Master is not transmitted). Also, the script BookBiz Master does not depend on my site, not attached to it and it does not matter whether the mine site.

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