Black Movement

Law 10,639/03 legalizes the Study of African history and Afro-Brazilian, this is a great conquest for the Black Movement, to know that now they will be seen and not more alone as the strong arms that had worked in the canavial, in the mining, that they suffered, but now will be given to see histories, the culture of the black. these studies and histories must be written in all the regions of Brazil if not to abide only the south region or center? south. To take the legitimacy from the ideology of the racial democracy the Black Movement appeals to the positive reinforcement of the identity racial, whose more emblematic signal is the adoption of Buzzed and day 20 of November as symbols. thus is constructing to positivadas images and presences in our calendar, about the African culture and its personages who are part of this tessitura of wires. For Luiz Claude Barcelos (1996) ' ' I appeal … It to positive the racial identity is, thus, restricted the cultural spheres and of leisure in the urban world, being much more efficient in these of what in the sphere of the politician. Moreover, &#039 must also be considered; the evolution of our stratification social.' ' (LUIZ BARCELO, 1996:208).

How to think these actions about other spheres, in other scopes as the agricultural zone, for example, in the quilombos that its population of remainders has? How to make with that positive actions circulate for Brazil measure and not only they are restricted to the great centers? This is something that must also be thought! It is not only enough to have ideas, but she is necessary to make possible it. of this form Petrnio Domingues (2007), sample that the black movement organized ' ' it africanized-se' '. From that instant you deal, them against racism had as the one of the premises promotion of a specific ethnic identity of the black.

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