Benderov Ideas

INTERNET – Bender abroad are still wondering about the wide popularity in Russia book hero – Ostap Bender. That’s a crook, an adventurer, grumbling uzkomyslyaschie Western citizens. And in Russia, admired, and, oh, horror! Taken as an example! What’s the matter, gentlemen? Why we love at home so negative characters? Girls – teens look with admiration at patlatyh youths, leading asocial way of life, completely ignoring the “Correct” and intelligent peers. And to whom we sympathize, when watching a movie? Remember? All of this and called in two words – the Russian mentality, does not explicable phenomenon. That’s why we thrive online – frauds, which, of course, blamed on was worth.

Their banyat is removed, but again, like mushrooms after rain occur under different nicknames, with other ideas. And most surprisingly, their ideas are in demand and people’s reactions, though different, but in one match! … In nine out of ten cases I hear about such remarks, “smart bastard! Shod me 10 bucks …. ” Or: “So me and be a fool! Knew that deceived and useful all the same. And what audacity! After all, I was able to untwist. Professional! “. Explicit liking to professionalism internetskih Benderov there. And not only thrive on the Internet such a phenomenon.

We meet with the same “professional” almost every day and just Does not every step. Now a lot of articles and instructions on how to avoid falling into the hands of fraudsters to avoid fraud, the psychological impact of negative properties, etc. But no one tried to understand the essence of the problems. Desire to make the network is pushing many to seek new and, with different features. That’s where the expanse for those wishing to make fair, and very little or no chance for those who want to earn honest money. Chances are Of course, there is, but it takes long and hard to learn. A Bender, how we remember from the work, not to tire himself acquisition of new knowledge and labor. Modern his followers are also looking for easy ways, though, and possibly have knowledge that could be used for good. But is it really so easy to work online – Bender? Generate an idea, find an audience for the marketing, technical side of things? Again triggered the notorious sympathy to the character of “bad boy”. That’s already time to feel sorry for unscrupulous Internet – users. I’m afraid incurring the wrath of readers, but still can not help but notice that once again gain experience, naporovshis on similar frauds in network. Paulo Coelho is often quoted as being for or against this. Another plus. But, you can omit your fists, my dear readers, and loosen their fists, the men, there is one very bo-o-olshoy minus a scam! It is parting with their hard-earned money. Agree, unpleasant, Here are some, in order to avenge deceiver, and return the unfairly selected, get yourself on a slippery slope lohotronschika. Operates along the same lines, sometimes justifying their costs, sometimes to no avail. Control methods ongoing phenomenon in the network were invited to an infinite set. Chief, of course, is ignoring the proposals to pay for something once, but really nothing, nothing. Know about it now, even babies, that a computer “mouse” perceived only as a toy. But, gentlemen, Bender also do not sleep! In their minds new ideas, old cooler. Their hands were stretched to the keyboard, and their accounts continue to be our “blood” so cleverly extended from us. That’s not so far removed from the agenda the question: “What a delight Russia Ostap Bender?

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