Achieving Freedom Through Partnerships

When each partner makes a contribution to the project it helps every one of the partners. No matter what the socially expected roles. The dictates of society and those around us are full of preconceived ideas. At this moment, all the functions, roles, mate choice, the economy shows absolutely everything blurred. There are no limits for declaring what is right and what is wrong.

The most important thing is the daily life of people. It is the role that has to exercise. It is rather the provision, the intention, the goodwill that has to do it. This is what is giving us the category of being a couple who feeds or wearing. WHO DOES WHAT AND HOW …. Is a circumstance that each couple must decide. If one works and another stays home, is right for that couple in particular. It is evident that what is decided also includes a commitment of two.

Just because one does not comply with the agreement is not delivering its promise. Quite simply never fails to the role, but their commitment to live as a couple. WHO DOES WHAT AND HOW … is a balancing act. To qualify it is necessary to give … it is necessary to receive and even when the words seem very easy to say, in actions not always the case. There are couples where one partner takes the brunt of functions. The result is usually resentment, reproach, fatigue and stress. In this life of two, who have chosen to pursue, it is that this is our alternative lifestyle is important to define who does what and HOW … to not feel surprised, angry, disillusioned and betrayed by our mate. Of course it is necessary that both agree. It is also important to note that such agreements are changing with age or when Sorry that we no longer meets and that far from contributing to our relationship, however, makes it worse. Be open to change is a feature that couples need to take into account in this world today. WHO DOES WHAT AND HOW is not a static term, by contrast, is a set of actions and reactions.

Do not forget that the partner is an individual project that we are willing to share with another to whom we appreciate, love and are willing to give time, attention, living together … at least for the time that we have chosen to live as a couple. But in this we are doing and undoing in our life together … the most important, is not only what we want and hope that the pair of us or do … and if not EVERYONE WHAT WE DO AND HOW WE DO IT for help to live as a couple. The elections are ours from the individual, how we carry out depends on our willingness or attitude. Our case also reflect our hows.

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