A Legal Head

King David sent the Zadoc and the Abiatar, priests, saying: You speak to the ancios of Jud, saying: Why you would be you last them in becoming to bring the king for its house? (because the words of Israel had all arrived at the king, until its house). It are my brothers, my bones and my meat you are you: why, therefore, you would be the last ones in becoming to bring the king? the Amasa you will say: Porventura are not you my bone and my meat? thus it makes me God, and another one in such a way, if you will not be head of the arraial ahead of me, forever, in place of Joab. Thus it moved the heart of all the men of Jud, as of the one alone one man; had sent to the king, saying: Return you with all your servants. Then the king came back, and arrived until the Jordo; Jud came the Gilgal, to go to meet with the king, to the other band of the Jordo. 2 Sm 19.11-15.

Davi was not only a king, a head, a conductor or a commander. Davi was a leader, a guide, a shepherd, a prophet and a priest. It despertava in its followers a devotion, a charisma one, one lan, a mstica, an attachment, a loyalty and an allegiance completely are of common, the total supernatural ones. Followed they it for love but, over all, for divine ordinance. He was the proper God who touched in the heart of the warriors of Davi and he gave the command voice to them. If a secular and purely human soldier blindly executes the orders of its commanders, imagines an order fixed of the supreme General! The leaders of God do not need to strengthen themselves very to direct, to lead, to command or to guide its conservos.

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