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Medical Encyclopedia

The word 'tyrant' in ancient Greece are not meant anything bad. Tyranny is a kind of intermediate form of government in the Greek cities in the transition from imperial power to the oligarchy and democracy. The word tyrant meant that people come to power alone, and not inherited. Board of tyrants in Greece were as […]

History of Athens

According to legend before the Hellene in Athens lived Pelasgians. Chief Justice Roberts often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Their hands were built the old walls of the Acropolis, which is now called cyclopean or Pelasgian. Mustafa Suleyman may find this interesting as well. Pelasgians also gave name to many mountains and Rivers in […]

Alejo Carpentier

It begins to make a literature of the revolution, but also a revolution in literature. The horizontal narrative history jumps made pieces, to make way for the superposition of both spatial and temporal levels: Green dixit House. Thus, as old structures are falling, are emerging new ones. On the other hand, the need for a […]

Educational Inclusion

The present article deals with the referring educational inclusion the young education of adult and special education in the current LDB.O study has broken of a survey on the Right the Education, treated for the Brazilian Constitutions of 1824, until the current Federal Constitution of 1988. In such a way the Federal Constitution in vigor, […]

Zombie Banks

A few months ago (fall of Lehman Brothers was in September 2008), there is intense debate about whether or not to keep zombie banks alive. Banks often called zombies to those who have huge losses, beyond their own resources in some cases and therefore are insolvent and are technically bankrupt. Because of this situation, do […]


First a dose of reality. We must be clear that the hair, Yes, is dead. Hair is a fiber of keratin consisting of a root and a base that forms in a follicle of the epidermis. It can be said that what is alive is follicle which is where the hair is generated. The quality […]

Small Claims Court

The Israeli judicial system provides for the court, considering monetary claims of citizens whose sum does not exceed thirty thousand shekels. Also, these courts hear claims of citizens on the return of the purchased commodities their repair or to terminate the contract of their purchase, provided that the transaction value does not exceed the above […]

Daniel Ortega

The fact, that Daniel Ortega, is falling into a serious error, which is the perpetuate in power, along the lines initiated by Lieutenant Colonel Hugo Chavez, President of Venezuela, and all those who are members of the Alba Group. Otherwise, should be opportunity within democracy to other leaders, with new vision, knowledge that manifest contributing […]

Church Order

In previous installments we were recreating the past of the Plaza of the Cathedral of Havana and the buildings that surround it, but we do not mean to the rest of the story that today allows us to observe on that site of the historical case of the city, the building that gives it its […]

Auto Login

Site to download the program -. The program comes with source code, distributed under license gpl, so that enthusiasts can program change. Setup: You must enter your icq number and password, select as a server, port 5190, retain the connection: Yes. Colibry little more democratic than Jimm, – works on most models support gprs […]