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Battle Between Greek And Muisca Gods

Cosmic battle between the Greek gods and the gods Muisca note with the biblografia tact in website bubok jose orlando melo naranjo called 8-year-old girl valentina corner naranjo to which their parents called intelligence passed it was thinking that his school was a kind of unknown universe. Where many had walked and lived much of […]

River Candidate

the Brazilian elite has a less prejudiced characteristic, less estatizante and with more solid social values of what the escolarizadas layers less. At the time it was a general ostentation, therefore until then what if it proclaimed to the four cantos ones it was the opposite. Analyzing some elections – municipal, state and presidential, studies […]

Cuban Revolution

He made some remarks before giving their concrete views: how are are expressed in his speech of Miami which is undoubtedly, from the point of view of social and human, the most advanced candidate for the presidential nomination in the United States? For 200 years He said United States has made it clear that we […]