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Identical Fenmeno

It is thought to have the duty to admit that, according to some authors, religion and democracy if complement, since that they are abstained, liminarmente, the fundamentalismos, because these yes, lead the so radical situations that they are not condignas with the essential values that all the citizen of the future, certainly, will go to […]

National Congress

They go beyond: they are useiros and vezeiros in raping it. The Attorney general of the Republic and the Public prosecution service, omissive. – General! He has very the Three To be able are not independent! Does not only see the blind person, the intentioned evil or those that if enrich in this mud sea? […]


Brown could have contained his downfall if he had come to the Government through popular consultations. But first he prevented another candidate compitiese against him in the internal by the leadership of their labour party and then he cannot be he dared to bring forward general elections when polls gave him in his first quarter […]

Public Speaking

One way or another, but in life we happen to address them. Too tough for anyone other than lawyers to sue McDonald moral compensation for damage caused by loosely closed with hot coffee. And when, without their knowledge can not do, experts turn right at the moment for us from the greedy monsters “in “Best […]

Electoral Board

The Supreme adds that if not the UI resource had been rejected on grounds of inadmissibility, the suspension of the agreement of at the JEC in any case we could remember it.Although IU last night announced that he would use the constitutional, court sources said that the registration was closed last night and today tomorrow […]