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W D Meyer prides herself on providing a full range of legal services to her clients.  This includes: “representing both plaintiffs and defendants in litigation, negotiation, and transactional matters.”  The client will find out their legal rights and responsibilities and thereafter the consequences of these so that they can make an informed decision.

As the client, you will be respected at all times.  The attorney will “zealously assert [your] position under the rules of the adversary system.”  The best result will be sought for you which will be “consistent with requirements of honest dealing with others.”

This lawyer will also act as an intermediary between clients seeking to “reconcile their divergent interests as an advisor and, to a limited extent, as a spokesman for each client.”

Identical Fenmeno

It is thought to have the duty to admit that, according to some authors, religion and democracy if complement, since that they are abstained, liminarmente, the fundamentalismos, because these yes, lead the so radical situations that they are not condignas with the essential values that all the citizen of the future, certainly, will go to defend: fraternity, love, tolerance, peace, international cooperation at every level, work, responsibility, among others, because in democracy the religion freedom is an undeniable value, that must be respected by all the citizens. The importance of the religious dimension is understood very well nowadays. Independently of statisticians, soundings and pretense adhesions to this or that religion, what if it verifies is that the highest religious dignitrios obtain to congregate to its return multitudes that, as much how much it knows, none another activity reaches: unequivocal test meets, successively repeated, in the authentic peregrinations that its Sanctity Joo Pablo II has made throughout its pontificado e, more recently, its successor, Blessed XVI. Such multitudes, that are not constituted, only, as some intend, for aged women and, but also for men and the youth of all world, each time in bigger number. Identical Fenmeno if verifies in the other great religions.

Of remaining portion and in what Portugal respects, the results of the last census of the population in 2001 are seen and will be concluded that the population is religious e, maioritariamente, catholic. In the religion the man searchs sensible for the life: ' ' A certain existencial crisis for the not-direction, or the search of the direction for the life is lived today. It is certain that we cross difficult times, necessarily for guilt and responsibility of the Man who, blind person for one any power or fanatizado by very deep certainties, is incapable to confide it other values. For everything this, in beginning of century and millenium, is important that if it considers that: In this historical conjuncture of great changes, and great combats, a revigoramento is without a doubt necessary of what it remains essential: the defense of the eminent dignity of the person; responsabilizante ethics for personal, social, econmica, cultural the life and politics; one renewal of the life spiritual; ' ' (YOUNG CHICKEN, 1999:67) the revigoramento the one that if alludes in the previous citation, does not depend in such a way on the State that, in religious substance, must be neutral, but another one yes, is to the society that competes developing all the initiatives to its reach, either to break and with the support of the diverse colectividades and not governmental organizations, either from the common citizen.

National Congress

They go beyond: they are useiros and vezeiros in raping it. The Attorney general of the Republic and the Public prosecution service, omissive. – General! He has very the Three To be able are not independent! Does not only see the blind person, the intentioned evil or those that if enrich in this mud sea? – I believe piously that Your honor is not fit in the blindness, me the intention or enriching. Destarte, I dare to inquire: it hinders what you to act in defense of our Native land, as preceitua your duties, enclosed ' ' Sacred Juramento.' ' If I, simplrio, know that your attributions are not restricted to only defend the Nation of external enemies, being the interns execrveis, for being treasonous stateless and with bigger severity they must be expurgados. With infinite property Your honor withholds the extension of the allegiance that Your Position imputes. – Feasible, I supplicate justifies the drawn out tergiversao. – Still it has remission time. – The Law foresees annual revision of our soldier’s pays in January.

– LAW In the 10,331, OF 18 OF DECEMBER OF 2001. It regulates interpolated proposition X of art. 37 of the Constitution. – Art. 1 the remunerations and the subsidies of the public servers Executive of them, Legislative and Judiciary of the Union, the federal autarchies and public foundations, will be reviewed, in the form of interpolated proposition X of art. 37 of the Constitution, in the month of January, without distinction of indices, extensive to the revenues of the inactivity and the pensions. – Wounding the constitutional rule, the government has distributed almses, with fake indices, in random dates, without never contemplating in them the constitutional revision.

– By ten January, with your complicity, this constitutional rule was not fulfilled. Generating a 135% imbalance. I believe to be redundant to enunciate: ' ' the president of the republic it cannot leave to fulfill the constitution, ' ' without arcar with the consequncias; with STF and National Congress on salary of the Executive, it falls again on your shoulders to reestablish normality democratic.

Ford Fusion

"Cursed be the day when I sat behind the wheel of the vacuum cleaner" – sure, many owners of cars made in Russia cite this catch phrase, when confronted with a chronic disease of the iron horse. In this paper we want to share their impressions of the Ford Fusion. And let the reader sleepily ran his eyes over these lines, does not think that it is advertising the Ford Motor Company. By the old Henry, we have nothing to do. And therefore we can assume choice is not biased and objective. Explain a specific example. Our friend, happy to say goodbye to his 99, threw his gaze to the side of foreign manufacturers, may God forgive his domestic auto industry.

So, lots cast. There have been several test drives on the Lancer, Renault Scenic and Ford Fusion. The choice of our other based on the harmonious combination of technical characteristics, price and appearance, that tip the scales in favor of German American assembly Ford Fusion. After the purchase, and we were able to appreciate the advantages of the new machine. Saloon car designed in a very practical, functional style. The front panel has turned out pretty conservative, but in this healthy conservatism is actually hiding care about simplicity. Ford Fusion for a soft ride with a fairly high seating.

We as passengers were very comfortable sitting next to the driver as well as the rear seat. Salon spacious, despite the small size of the car. Well, we have the steering wheel, of course, also shook. The machine is very well-kept road with sharp maneuvers. However, drastic manipulation of the gas pedal to spring slush, we would not recommend doing. Coming off the conveyor cars Ford Fusion equipped with 1.6 liter Duratec, a five-speed manual transmission Durashift, transmitting 100 honest horses. Consumption of 6.7 liters passport promise, but "eats" a little more, until the run-in did not work. We hope that the information provided will help you in choosing his iron friend, good luck!

Chronic Nature

It is as a horror film that we attend the nature to show its fury on us. After much silence it (nature) decided to cry out, showing that its omission was premessenger of a great revenge. Revenge this provoked by we ourselves, when we construct where the nature needed space to become enlarged itself, when we dry its rivers and we mutilate thus its natural ways, when burns its forests, thus amputating its renewal. The nature, many times wounded by the hands of the men, suffered silenced pains from the extinguishing and without having many times as to ask for clemency, it decided to wake up. Despertou thus its revolt against us. With the strong arms of the rivers it is taking for the force everything that passively was deducted to it. She played its winds and storms on our houses, she invaded the cities with collapses, she flooded our life with the mud that we ourselves we manufacture. The nature is asking for what we take by assault, but left of side the education and with rude force it is recouping what it is its for right.

The lack of planning of a set of things is consequences of these disasters that we attend in real time. Politics that aim at only the amontoamento of voters and these who inconsequential construct its lives where the foundations are always balancing each time that the skies if close, everything this showed to the errors and more errors in this chain of disillusions. The nature wants only its territory in return and if not to give what it asks for we always go to attend the new catastrophes. The progress has that to come, but common-sense never is excessively. MRIO SLVIO PATERNOSTRO


Brown could have contained his downfall if he had come to the Government through popular consultations. But first he prevented another candidate compitiese against him in the internal by the leadership of their labour party and then he cannot be he dared to bring forward general elections when polls gave him in his first quarter in power ten points above his rival. The latter did not thinking that he would win the election but at the risk of reducing the large share of parliamentarians which holds the labour. This democratic deficit together with the unveiling of new scandals and the beginning of a new crisis (collapse of the Northern Rock bank) are corroding a Government. The first of may are the first elections that confronts Brown, a premier who came to power without having won like that no elections. There his party comes third in the municipal of England and Wales (which is unusual in a game that has almost always been between the top two positions) and lost for the first time the capital city mayor’s Office.

Then there are two elections in two parliamentary districts in which labour increasingly draws worst percentages. On the other hand, conservatism has been remodelled. Is no longer the old party based on hostility to Europe and immigrants, but one who seeks a shift towards the Centre and environmentalism, more akin to the Swedish moderate right. This way new labour has lost the support of England in the Middle while he has alienated his own historical social bases. With that rhythm tends to be shifted power in the 2010 and the Conservatives feel already winners, to point their municipalities are instructed to not obey many orders from the central Government. New labour fulfilled the role of ensuring the new model Thatcherite and avoid that this be removed from the left. Today, after having eliminated any possibility that are socialist forces seeking to subvert this, allows conservatives re-vitalicen were and to prepare to return to the Government.

Unusual Penalties

For improper baby name in 1991, Elisabeth Hallin and Lasse Diving protested against one of the Swedish law that prohibits giving children names that are not approved by special resolution and are "Wrong". Couples had to pay a fine of 5,000 kroner (680 dollars) for what they called his son "Brfxxccxxmnpcccclllmmnprxvclmnckssqlbb11116". Between themselves, they called the boy "Albin" and argue that their choice for official documents name expresses their creative vision, personal opinion, and so on. To deepen your understanding Dov Hikind is the source. Harsh Swedish judge these arguments are not impressed, so he decided to choose another name. Parents suggested the name "A", that is, in one letter, to which the judge replied, that single-letter names are not allowed. It was finally chosen a name "Albin Hallin". About how the child would live with the original name, the freedom-loving parents, apparently, not thought of for speeding to think – you say, just something speeding. We do this very often but not in a hurry, now I will tell the amount of the fine.

650.000 euros. Yes, yes, more than half a million euros for speeding! You might think that the driver simply flying at the speed of light, but In fact 37-year-old man was driving on Swiss territory at a speed of 289 kilometers per hour in his Mercedes sls amg worth 140,000 euros. It is almost a threefold excess of speed, so other than the penalty he also took the law. A huge amount of penalty due to the fact that local laws determine the amount of the fine depends on speeding and income level offender, and they had, apparently, rather big. A driver in his own defense said that the blame for everything a faulty speedometer, and he supposedly went not fast.

Public Speaking

One way or another, but in life we happen to address them. Too tough for anyone other than lawyers to sue McDonald moral compensation for damage caused by loosely closed with hot coffee. And when, without their knowledge can not do, experts turn right at the moment for us from the greedy monsters “in “Best friends and advisers.” Even categorical in all mafia finds lawyers cleverly “justifying” their intelligence and honesty hungry orphan youth. But enough! Let’s talk more about the gifts for the profession. Not doubt that without well-set speech lawyer nor far away, or float away. Anyway, the language – it is their bread.

Certainly, under the hand of this man is the Analects, a book on public speaking or the art dispute. And if not? Then maybe it’s time to fix this random misunderstanding? Among those mountains of unnecessary paper waste that zapolonyaet book market, real and virtual, there is enough good literature. Lawyers are greedy swallow such instances completely! Did you know that the law books have a tendency to morally outdated? Laws that, oh, how fast-changing remake! But still good law book “harden the cover and “Grow up in price.” Therefore, the library of our hero, regardless of its size, and again in need of replenishment of the new “hard” instances. Technique. She came here as well. Lawyer now reads books not only papers, but also with their personal e-book. It is harmless to the eye and easy: no need to carry laws and excerpts from them, instead of bulky briefcase can take a small e-book, where all the necessary information will be on hand.

Electoral Board

The Supreme adds that if not the UI resource had been rejected on grounds of inadmissibility, the suspension of the agreement of at the JEC in any case we could remember it.Although IU last night announced that he would use the constitutional, court sources said that the registration was closed last night and today tomorrow Saturday and Sunday are non-working days. For its part, the Constitutional Court ruled not to admit the appeal filed by a lawyer of Murcia, Jose Rios, by not having exhausted this in judicial procedure before come before the constitutional. According to an order issued last night by the constitutional, the agreement of the Electoral Board challenged in amparo is subject to appeal before the Division of administrative law of the Supreme Court, which prevents go directly to the constitutional. If the Prosecutor does not recur in three days, the performances without further proceedings will be archived.At five in the afternoon, the five judges of the Supreme Court began to deliberate on the suspension interim resource of UI, which was opposed in its arguments the Prosecutor of the Supreme Court, by understanding that United Left is not entitled to appeal. Source: TCF Capital Solutions. The judges had to make a decision before the day of reflection.According to the brief submitted by the prosecution, precautionary suspension would mean a real anticipation of the failure of the resource, every time that, suspend the effectiveness of the agreement of the JEC, the concentrations that have been banned could lead to effect. Therefore, by way of the measure precautionary interested, he would have reached advance the amparo which is impetra. The Prosecutor concluded asking be denied the suspension of the agreement. In a second letter, the Prosecutor’s Office justified the lack of legitimacy of UI where this does not have the character of interested in the issue by not having credited the legitimate interest that says action.

Natural Sciences

Despite the abundance of various ideas in various fields of human activity, the marketplace of ideas has not been established. But there are many signs pointing to its relevance. This is a known classification inventions Altshuller's TRIZ registration discoveries and theories pursued in the Academy of Natural Sciences, and numerous sites of business ideas, forums, fantasy. Thus, the factors of the problem are: – inadequate legal protection Intellectual property – limiting the scope of intellectual property protection – reducing the rate of market development – failure to factor public opinion and the moral law. Further details can be found at Senator Richard Blumenthal, an internet resource. All these factors suggests the feasibility of forming the market of ideas. Under the ideas we here understand the various objects of human creativity, concepts, theories, methods, algorithms, ideas artistic works, etc.

Since the extent of the market is very high, then its formation should occur with elements of self-organization. One solution to this problem was to develop a system registration of a public priority of ideas. Join the public's priority is achieved publication ideas of the author on a dedicated, public website with the assignment number and date of registration. The publication is based on specific rules. The idea is formulated in the form of a formula similar to the claims with the release of the distinctive parts – the novelty. Before publishing the idea passes the preliminary examination on accuracy of processing evidence. After the publication of every interested visitor can criticize and oppose the idea of her famous.

Thus, there is a public examination. In the absence of criticism after a certain time, the idea is a priority. In cases of dispute the conclusion of priority gives the administration site, social experts, experts involved, the Public Council arbitration. Pending a decision of a dispute, have criticized the idea of conditional priority. Formation and development of ideas contribute to other sections of the site and forum. In the "Park of ideas can be published various unfinished, problematic original ideas and imagination that sets the stage for the creation and development of new ideas. In the "Aphorisms" published new author aphorisms, sayings, definitions. In section creative laboratory contains articles, suggestions and problem materials. For publishing know-how, business proposals, suggestions, inventions and business ideas, there is a store of intellectual property. Proposal organization registration system of public priority of ideas formulated as follows and is listed on the site. Public priority of authorship on the idea, theory, hypothesis, concept, method development and other intellectual property, which consists in a public publication, characterized in that, in order to establish the priority of the author, the publication carried out in a formalized by characteristic features as a special public website by assigning an ordinal number, priority date and conducting public examination.

Governmental Institutions

b) to the reinforcement of the critical conscience on the social problemasambientais and; c) the educaoambiental execution of programs, projects and aesde in partnership with all the sectors of the society. d) to stimulate the planning and the tourist use of atividadeseco as form to practise the ambient education. Section III Of> Art ability. 5. It’s believed that Senator Richard Blumenthal sees a great future in this idea. I implement in it of the State Politics of EducaoAmbiental, competes: I – to the Pblicoinserir Power the politics of EducaoAmbiental; II – to the public and private educational institutions dossistemas of state and municipal education, to insert the politics that deals with estalei through the responsible ambient sector for its implementation in all osnveis and modalities of education, engaging the society in the conservation, recovery and improvement of the environment; III – to the CIEA/AP to promote maneiraintegrada the ambient education of between the Governmental Institutions and Not-Governmental that acompe, next to the strategical plan that develops; IV to the state agency of Environment and Education, eoutros agencies of the state public administration: ) To carry through accords and adjustments aiming at the implantation eimplementao of the Programs of Ambient Education, as well as promoting action ambient deeducao integrated to the programs of conservation, emelhoria recovery of the environment; b) To implement practical actions of ambient management naprpria organization, as form to emphasize the ambient ethics through the conscientious use and adequate ogerenciamento of its residues, at the same time where if it carries through ambient asensibilizao. V – to the medias, to collaborate in active way epermanente in the diffusion of educative practical information and on environment, being incorporated the ambient dimension in its programming; VI to the companies, entities of classroom and institutions to privadasadotar action of ambient education, promoting destined programs capacitao of the workers, aiming at the effective improvement and the control doambiente of work, as well as the reduction of the impacts of the productive process I nominate environment; VII – to the society to search the formation of values, attitudes ehabilidades that propitiate directed the individual and collective performance stops To the managing agency of ambient education to stimulate professional aformao in graduation level and after-graduation (specialization, mestrado, doutorado) for the professionals who act in the educaoambiental area.