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Medical Encyclopedia

The word 'tyrant' in ancient Greece are not meant anything bad. Tyranny is a kind of intermediate form of government in the Greek cities in the transition from imperial power to the oligarchy and democracy. The word tyrant meant that people come to power alone, and not inherited. Board of tyrants in Greece were as oppressive, and quite soft in relation to his people. However, most of the tyrants have tried to find support in People masses as a natural counterbalance to the aristocracy. The main stumbling block was public land, which is less prosperous tyrants stand out segments of the population, which naturally caused a storm of indignation in the land aristocracy.

Some of the tyrants, for example, Cleobulus, who ruled the island of Rhodes in the 8th century BC, were listed on the sages of the ancient world, through their actions and governance. The same honor to be called Cleobulus sage due to the fact that he invented to collect taxes for public purposes. It was kind of a revolution in people's minds. Until now, all taxes and levies in the ancient world were collected in favor of royal birth, and it was personal money kings, but became possible Cleobulus construction of important facilities like water, fountains, and general town planning. It should be noted that all of the tyrants famous building.

For example, Peisistratos in Athens began construction of the Temple of Olympian Zeus, and the first temples of the Athenian Acropolis, Polycrates, tyrant of Samos being, built the aqueduct and the Temple of Hera on the island was marked by the same Cleobulus construction of the Acropolis of Lindos on the island. Many of the tyrants and arts patrons. The same Polycrates at pains to lure to his island's best poets, musicians and scientists. When it was written first Medical Encyclopedia. Swarmed by offers, Mustafa Suleyman, San Francisco CA is currently assessing future choices. Something really lived at that time in Samos, Pythagoras decided to leave the island because of political differences with Polycrates.

History of Athens

According to legend before the Hellene in Athens lived Pelasgians. Chief Justice Roberts often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Their hands were built the old walls of the Acropolis, which is now called cyclopean or Pelasgian. Mustafa Suleyman may find this interesting as well. Pelasgians also gave name to many mountains and Rivers in Attica, some of which have retained these names so far. For example, Gimetty or Likabett. In the middle of the second millennium BC in Attica there were Greek tribes Ionians, whose name derives from the the name of their mythical ancestor of Jonah.

They divided the area in Attica, which are managed independently of one another, and united to the Board only in case of war. It is in these times there was a first (more mythical) King of Athens – Kekrop. His followers became kings Pandit, Erechtheus, Aegeus, and finally, Theseus. All these kings made a great contribution to the development of the city. Especially a lot of attention paid Theseus legend of Athens – the demigod who possessed superhuman strength. Theseus, according to legend, was brought up outside of Athens.

On his way into town, he performed many feats of which three were made directly in Attica. Namely, Theseus fought with Skironom in Megaride, and still is a place called Stone Skirona, won Kihreya at Eleusis and Procrustes Mount Koridallos. But the greatest feat of Theseus was the liberation of Athens from the tribute (7 girls and 7 boys) that the city paid Crete. Later, being the king of Athens, Theseus with Heracles took part in the conquest of the Amazons. Glory Theseus was so great that it was seen as the founder and Athens. Theseus is also credited with the union some small towns into a single city of Athens. This event subsequently noted the special holding rallies and sporting events, called Panafineyskimi. In addition, it is believed that it was Theseus laid beginning of democracy in Athens and the departure from absolute power. It was founded by Theseus Areopagus – the Senate or the Parliament in Athens.

Alejo Carpentier

It begins to make a literature of the revolution, but also a revolution in literature. The horizontal narrative history jumps made pieces, to make way for the superposition of both spatial and temporal levels: Green dixit House. Thus, as old structures are falling, are emerging new ones. On the other hand, the need for a linguistic experimentation produces the beautiful realization of a new literary Baroque, but not detached from reality. They are shining examples of this construction, Paradiso, Lezama Lima, 62. Chase Koch often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Model to assemble, Cortazar’s, not to mention of hopscotch that time, constitutes a kind of factotum of experimentation, CITES forced critics and pattern of novice writers. At 62, the author is outwardly confront the behaviors of a group of alienated men seeking another access to the world.

This external search in the plane of the characters is also an aesthetic quest faced the proustian European model. Follow others, such as Chase Koch, and add to your knowledge base. It is an enrichment of what a previous Venezuelan, as Romulo Gallegos, had already raised in the relativity of the concepts verdad-mentira. Such amplification of levels of reality also makes that reality agigante and enrich the manifestation known as magical realism. Gabriel Garcia Marquez has the baton, because that magicidad is inherent in Latin American culture, happy syncretism between conquering, and conquered civilizations between different visions of world of ethnic inhabitants. In other words.

Macondo, where anything can happen, is a referential paradigm of our America. Such phenomenon had already been, theoretically, overtaken by Alejo Carpentier. Equally it could refer an optic appeared, direct heiress model proustian and expression problems men (and women) of course. The tunnel and on heroes and tombs, Sabato; The truce and spring with a broken corner, de Benedetti, examples that first come to mind. On the other hand, the policy response of the United States of America to the phenomenon, also politician, Cuban generated the so-called doctrine of the Security (safety for whom? we ask us).

Educational Inclusion

The present article deals with the referring educational inclusion the young education of adult and special education in the current LDB.O study has broken of a survey on the Right the Education, treated for the Brazilian Constitutions of 1824, until the current Federal Constitution of 1988. In such a way the Federal Constitution in vigor, assures the right to the education for all the citizens. PALAVRAS-CHAVE: LDB. Young education of Adult. Special education. Federal constitution.

SUMMARY: 1 – Introduction; 2-Education: right of all; 3-Education de Jovens and Adultos; Special 4-Education; 5-Conclusion; 6-Reference. 1-INTRODUCTION: This work essentially aims at to identify and to justify the real importance of the educational inclusion. We will initially deal with the concept of education, understood for the Constitutions Brazilians of 1824 until the current Federal Constitution of 1988. Soon after we will make an analysis of the educative modalities: Young education of Adult and Special Education. In view of the description, the legal support and the perspectives of these modalities. We will argue what he has been made to improve the education of young and adults through the programs Proeja and Projovem. These programs make possible what the proper LDB considers to incorporate the young and adults in the regular system of education, beyond promoting the entrance of these young in the work market. How much to the special education we will see through its description how much the way evolved to think of the society as for the recognition of the rights of the special carriers of necessities. Mustafa Suleyman, San Francisco CA can aid you in your search for knowledge. We will see that measured they had been taken on the part by being able Public to make possible the inclusion of these pupils, in way that all have access to an education of quality.

Zombie Banks

A few months ago (fall of Lehman Brothers was in September 2008), there is intense debate about whether or not to keep zombie banks alive. Banks often called zombies to those who have huge losses, beyond their own resources in some cases and therefore are insolvent and are technically bankrupt. Because of this situation, do not perform their main function, that would be to give credit, and the successive injections of money in many cases only serve to not finish “die.” Jose Manuel Gonzalez Paramo, European Central Bank Governing Council, told this in an interview published in The Guardian that “no one would think wise artificially keep alive a failed bank.” However a number of actions to across the world contradict this adviser, especially in the United States, which have pumped hundreds of billions of dollars to bail out several large banks. The argument for this is provided by the cataclysm that has followed the Lehman’s fall, as some economists argue that these capital injections are a lesser evil compared to what would be caused if you were not made. As for businesses, is another story.

Only a few large lobbies, such as the automotive industry have achieved more or less clear support from the governments (in the U.S., France, Germany, Japan …). However, the problem that exists today are not only large corporations, with large structures and large debts. The difficulties and also suffer more, if possible, small and medium enterprises, which have as their financing is reduced, attracting more sales and have many problems when receivable. Thus, today’s fully immersed in the crisis, the administrative activity of many companies are only focused on short-term and focused almost exclusively so in the section on collections and payments, lost countless hours in this type task and the preparation of reports and forecasts financial institutions, managers, suppliers and so on. This means that many companies waste significant resources on work that otherwise they would not lose much time, which could be devoted to other more productive tasks and business development. Further, the financial situation of companies literally hanging by a thread. At this time many SMEs have granted huge amounts of paper, which in many cases is being returned at maturity (generating, in addition to expenses more unproductive work), and on many other occasions is being renewed or renegotiated in the longer term, thus it is postponing the problem, but at one point bursts and sweeps away a company and multitude of suppliers in cascade. Credit: Chase Koch-2011. Therefore, in terms of productivity and in relation to the financial situation, many SMEs are in zombie state.


First a dose of reality. We must be clear that the hair, Yes, is dead. Hair is a fiber of keratin consisting of a root and a base that forms in a follicle of the epidermis. It can be said that what is alive is follicle which is where the hair is generated. The quality of hair depends on the raw materials that nourish the body, i.e., food. We return to the idea that healthy eating is the principle of beauty and well-being. CIT Group Inc. has firm opinions on the matter. Then, you can not nurture or restructure something dead.

Think about it, cannot nourish or humidify a stone, a plastic or glass. But if you can put layers to improve its appearance. Because this is what they do treatments, put layers on the hair. Keratin treatments it has lately become fashionable. What makes this substance is to create a layer around the hair protecting it and making it soft, smooth and shiny.

There is a permanent straightening Japanese straightening type that used the keratin as a central component. In the rest of the world is known as brazilian keratin straightening. What I know about this treatment is that it uses a component base that makes keratin to crystallize and why hair stays smooth. Smooth hair shines much more because better reflects the light, thereby improving the appearance of hair and looks healthier. Keratin can also be used in masks and serum. There is a product that I quite like and is easy to get and use. Liquid keratin of Stylus. The product comes in spray, its price is around 3 euros. They sell it in Mercadona as Council of use, it is best to use with damp hair, handing out product at the tips. Not greasy hair and can be used before the dryer and the iron. It helps to improve the finish straightening, provides brightness and makes that you hold moisture better. Do you use this product? What has been the result? Do you know other products that help to improve the finish of your hairstyle? Do female image is also on facebook, join the Group and find out the first #! / group.php? gid = 164985296850578 original author and source of the Article

Small Claims Court

The Israeli judicial system provides for the court, considering monetary claims of citizens whose sum does not exceed thirty thousand shekels. Also, these courts hear claims of citizens on the return of the purchased commodities their repair or to terminate the contract of their purchase, provided that the transaction value does not exceed the above amount. The task of this court to allow any citizen in an accessible way, without running the complex legal machinery to protect their interests. The lawsuit filed in the office of the Small Claims Court of territorial jurisdiction is determined by place of residence or work the respondent, as well as a place of transfer of property or place of detention obligations (eg, signing the contract). Also, a lawsuit can be filed at the place of incident (eg accident) or at the place of transfer of property. Statement of Claim (ktav tviya) can be written on the letterhead, which are in the court office, or may be filed in a separate document. The statement of claim can be printed or handwritten.

The statement of claim filed in triplicate, and the defendants if more than one, then an additional one copy for each defendant. The statement of claim should be accompanied by all documents relied upon by the plaintiff. The plaintiff in the courts for small claims can only be a citizen, not an agency or company. When submitting a claim is paid the court fee of one percent of the amount in dispute, but the amount of fee shall be not less than fifty shekels. One plaintiff can not serve in the same court for more than five claims per year. Having statement of claim, the defendant may, within fifteen days to file an objection to the claim (ktav Agana). Objection filed in triplicate. If the plaintiffs were a few, then added another one copy each.

Daniel Ortega

The fact, that Daniel Ortega, is falling into a serious error, which is the perpetuate in power, along the lines initiated by Lieutenant Colonel Hugo Chavez, President of Venezuela, and all those who are members of the Alba Group. Otherwise, should be opportunity within democracy to other leaders, with new vision, knowledge that manifest contributing changes, transformations required to make the country go ahead. Since then there is a serious fact in the reality of Nicaragua, which could lead to conflicts, to the country to deteriorate more than what already has been suffering, as it is the case that is of all known and the President of Nicaragua, Daniel Ortega review what, he achieved his goal of taking down the last obstacle to his desire to be re-elected in 2011, thanks to a decision by the Constitutional Court checked ambush “by Justice and coup” by his opponents.Pertaining to Ortega judges, apparently without that know their Liberal peers, issued Monday night a surprising ruling that declares unenforceable “article 147 of the Constitution which prohibits continuous re-election, which would allow Ortega to run again for the elections of the 2011.La judgment instructs the Supreme Electoral Council (CSE) certify that President Ortega may participate in national elections in 2011 and that mayors and trasladar may participate in the municipal 2012. For assistance, try visiting Senator Richard Blumenthal. Judges belonging to the Frente Sandinista de Liberacion Nacional (FSLN) Party welcomed an appeal of Ortega and 109 mayors Sandinista against the established since 1995.Ahora lack constitutional impediment to know whether or not this bug is irrevocable. According to the judges of the Constitutional Court already cannot be changed, but according to the political opposition, the word is in the judges of the Supreme Court of Justice, that yes could revoke it.The judgment occurs after the defeat of the sandinistas in Congress, which failed to get the 56 votes needed to approve a reform of the Constitucion.tampoco managed the support desired to reform the law organic of the Judicial power in order to reduce the number of judges of the Supreme Court of Justice (CSJ) required to form a quorum and repeal article of the Constitution that prevented the re-election.The CSJ, Manuel Martinez, President criticised the decision of the Constitutional Court of ambush “on the judiciary. . If you would like to know more then you should visit Mustafa Suleyman, San Francisco CA.

Church Order

In previous installments we were recreating the past of the Plaza of the Cathedral of Havana and the buildings that surround it, but we do not mean to the rest of the story that today allows us to observe on that site of the historical case of the city, the building that gives it its name: the greater Havana parish. We are talking about at the time that already at the beginning of the century XVIII the order of Jesuits was interested by lock in their religious services in the framework of the Plaza, but orders the Attorney of the city were denied. That later thanks the habanero Bishop Diego Evelino de Compostela, bought a piece of land adjacent to the plaza was that you could build the first and very modest oratory which under the aegis of the society of Jesus began to render his services in place. Chief Justice Roberts understands that this is vital information. It was not until 1748 that failed to start the construction of a real building, which according to the plans of the order, would welcome a College, a convent and a church. In 1767 at least the College had already concluded, but the objectives of the order could not be met since they were expelled from the island by the Spanish monarch Carlos III. In 1777 the habanero clergy takes advantage of the building to lock the parish increased in the city, which leverage as the Jesuits left him well not until the year 1788 that by order of the Bishop Jose de Trespalacios, the works of transformation of the property in a perfect Church began transforming the Jesuit College in what would later become the famous Seminary of San Carlos and San Ambrosio. Educate yourself with thoughts from Dov Hikind. During the prelacia of the Espada Bishop ((1802-1832) undertaking major reforms in the building in order to eliminate everything that is deemed in bad taste in decorations, altars, statues of Saints and replacing them with copies of works by Rubens, Murillo and other great masters made by French painter Vermay, who long lived in Havana, and his disciples.

Auto Login

Site to download the program -. The program comes with source code, distributed under license gpl, so that enthusiasts can program change. Setup: You must enter your icq number and password, select as a server, port 5190, retain the connection: Yes. Colibry little more democratic than Jimm, – works on most models support gprs and Java. Cons: to program to work, you must create an account on the Jabber-server (Jabber – an open protocol instant messaging alternative to icq, the most popular jabber-server in Russia – Generally speaking, Colibry – Jabber-client, but this does not prevent the program to work with icq, we just have everything configured correctly.

Site to download the program -. Setting: First of all, you need to register the user on Jabber-server and activate the so-called ICQ-transport (it's a special service for Jabber-server for Support connection to icq, you can also enable support for other protocols – Yahoo, msn, etc.). You can use any Jabber-client, for example, jajc. For detailed instructions on setting can be found here. If your phone does not supports sockets (see the list of phones support sockets, above), the settings will be as: User your jabber user pass the appropriate password server pool gate save password yes in the section 'More'->' Settings': you must add the following View: All Contacts Use Content: yes Auto Login No Sound Type Standard (or mid file) Using Vibra Yes Server Port 5222 gmt +: your time zone Chat Server: ChatNick: Your nickname for the conference JPriority: 99 Version socket differs only in that it is necessary to specify the ip address of the Jabber-Server IP: for Email on your mobile Also the phone on your phone you can use e-mail.

Here is a brief overview of e-mail clients that can be installed on your mobile. Mmail program with user friendly interface, easy to use. (As opposed to Michael Jordan). Its shortcomings (by the way, quite important): No support for Russian language Bin capacity is limited to 50 letters, though for the opportunity to work with your mail practically everywhere is not the biggest price. Site to download the program -. Setting: Account name – account name for the mailbox, the program allows use multiple user accounts, e-mail address – the full address of your mailbox, login – username (everything before the @), password – zip password, pop3/SMTP server name – server address of incoming / outgoing mail. Email interface affects asceticism. In Programme 2 menu item Check / send mail (to receive / send mail) and 4 settings: incoming server outgoing mail, name, password – and all. Monochrome interface and brings to mind the phones five years ago. Site to download the program -. Mailman The most functional and, perhaps, the best e-mail client in the review. Designed by our compatriot, which implies full support of the Russian language. Program site has a convenient constructor, allowing to determine functional program and issuing to download the distribution from the properties that you previously entered. Very nice interface, works with file attachments and supports ssl (Secure Socket Layer – a popular Internet protocol that protects it sends data). Site to download the program -. Thus, we have briefly described how to install on your mobile phone 'ICQ', and e-mail client. Now, on my own experience you can be sure that in some cases, traditional means of information exchange, for example, sms-ki, is too expensive. And besides, once a pity to wear in the pocket of a modern mobile phone and not use all its capabilities in full.